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Auto Heater Repair in Pleasant Grove

Heater Repair

The ice and snow covering the ground make wintertime driving hard enough. If your car’s heater breaks down, however, you could have a serious problem.

Auto Heater Repair in Pleasant GroveWhen you’re in need of auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove, you need to get it fixed fast, not only for your own safety, but for that of your engine. Your car’s heating system works by taking the excess heat from the engine and routing it into the passenger section of your car. The engine produces plenty of heat; in fact, it produces so much heat that the excess, if not properly disposed of, can destroy the engine. If you’re in need of auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove, you’ve got to get it done right, for your vehicle’s sake.

When you’re not using the car heater, the cooling system alone keeps your engine at an acceptable temperature. As the coolant heats up, it travels through hoses from the engine to the radiator in front of the car. Pleasant Grove Auto Heater RepairThe radiator, in turn, transfers the heat from the coolant into the outside air. Once the temperature of the liquid coolant has dropped, it circulates back to the engine, where it again absorbs the excess engine heat, and the cycle continues. Now, when you require auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove, you need to realize that the heating system works in a similar fashion, but with one major difference: when you turn the heater on, the coolant is now largely directed to the heater core, a unit similar to the radiator, which sits inside the dashboard. As the coolant travels through tubes in the heater core, a fan blows across these tubes and the little fins which encase them, directing warm air into the passenger compartment.

Your car’s heating system actually works in conjunction with its cooling system, and auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove, when done right, takes this into account. Because the auto heating and cooling systems are so closely intertwined, a malfunctioning heater can often indicate a problem in the cooling system. Therefore, auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove should always be done by a licensed auto mechanic. If you try to make these repairs yourself, your engine could be the victim, costing you considerable money down the road. When performed at Jake’s Automotive, auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove takes into account the close relationship between the two systems. When you’re in need of auto heater repair in Pleasant Grove, Jake’s Automotive is the place to go.

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