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Auto Fuel System Repair in Pleasant Grove

Fuel Systems

Your auto fuel system is the key to getting good gas mileage. For Pleasant Grove auto fuel systems repairs,Auto Fuel System Repair in Pleasant Grove Jake’s Automotive is your best resource to keep your car running at maximum efficiency.

A fuel delivery system operates in one of two ways in an automobile: through a carburetor, in older models, or through a fuel injection system, in newer cars. Jake’s Automotive can handle either type for your Pleasant Grove auto fuel systems maintenance and repair. They can work on older or newer models and fix any problems or give you great tips to keep your car running smoothly.

A properly working fuel system, clean of debris and pollutants, can increase your gas mileage tremendously. In older models, a dirty carburetor can cause misfires, or even cause your car to stop working. Dirty fuel injectors in newer cars can also decrease mileage or cause stalls. Jake’s Automotive can fix your Pleasant Grove auto fuel systems and keep your car on the road.

Another factor that decreases gas mileage or increases hazards is your exhaust system. Closely related to the fuel system, the exhaust system extracts waste gases from your car, making your car run more efficiently. Some of these gases are hazardous; therefore, Pleasant Grove Auto Fuel System Repairthe federal and state government require exhaust systems to properly process these gases for emission into the atmosphere. A faulty exhaust system not only causes you to pollute the air; it may also be dangerous to you or your loved ones while sitting or riding in the car. Jake’s Automotive can handle your Pleasant Grove auto fuel systems and your exhaust systems, keeping your car safe for your family and the environment.

The muffler is the last part of your exhaust system and quiets the operation of your car. A faulty muffler can cause loud backfires, noise pollution, and makes your car unpleasant to operate, both for you and your neighbors. Jake’s Automotive will take care of your auto fuel systems in Pleasant Grove as well as keeping your muffler in good shape.

Pleasant Grove auto fuel systems repairs and maintenance need not be costly or time-consuming. Talk to the professionals at Jake’s Automotive today.

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